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You have a super-power.

“Words have power. Words are power. Words could be your power.” Mohammed Qahtan

In the past couple of years I have been introduced to a super-power, the power of words. It is very possible that you have heard about it too, nevertheless, do you use it often? Do you use it in a positive or negative way?

The way we talk and words we use, either positive or negative, impact our daily lives and relationships too, since they show how and what we think about ourselves and others. For example, imagine you are at your workplace, you have to share a desk with a teammate or you have to sit with someone at the lunch room, would you choose to sit with a positive person that encourages, supports or provides you with a constructive feedback on a topic, ending up motivated and enlightened? Or on the other hand, you choose the teammate that is always saying bad words, sad or horrible situation, realizing at the end of your lunch that you feel angry or depressive? I would choose the positive one, because I know that if I get stucked in a negative mindset I probably will not progress and develop my mind.

Now, let´s change the situation and ask ourselves, am I the positive teammate or the negative one at the lunch room?, do your teammates look out for you because they need to cheer up or are you alone at lunch? These are good questions to ask ourselves every day, don’t ever forget this, because your daily words, on how you express affects your career and personal relationships. Do you want positive or negative relationships?

Just pause a moment and analyze, meditate on the past year: which is a common word that you use to talk about yourself and others? What can you change in the upcoming year?

Personally, I have committed to remove from my vocabulary the word “but”, because I think it limits my possibilities on doing something or making something happen. I have noticed that lately I focus on solutions and not on limitations of a situation. I have really enjoyed this commitment and word training.

Credit to the amazing photograpger Magali Espinosa. You may read her in the “Photography” section.

I would like to invite you to recognize the super-power that you have and to exercise it, you can start any day! I think it is a powerful new year’s resolution, don´t you agree?

Feel free to comment and share if you thought of someone (other than yourself) while you were reading. I wish you a successful new year!


Learn & study something new, for the world’s sake.

Following up & relating to Maria’s post from 2 weeks ago (, go read it!), on the constant query: how to change or save our world? Got me reflecting on what is it that i am doing to change it. I think we can change it from our own little world, from our workplace, college and family. We can do that also if we keep improving ourselves through learning new skills, new experiences to offer to the world.

When it comes to choose your career path right after high school, sometimes during the last year of high school, we may feel a little lost and full of questions, such as “is this what i want to do for my entire life?”, “will i earn enough money?”, “can i do this?”, etc. The problem is that our parents, relatives and advisors forget to also remind us that we can work on focusing on two or more career paths and sometimes we may want to change it. So, we rush into getting into something that we don’t actually know as much and we end up figuring out in the middle of the undergraduate program, then at that time you prefer just to keep studying, so that you can finish something or you would just decide to drop out and change again.

The solution to this is now in your hands, we cannot go back in time and do it all over again. We have to be resilient, manage to learn how to join the previous things learned with a new career path that you may want to pursue.

Learn & study something new.
Truth is that our brain can hold and learn all type of new information if we are willing to. Do not discourage when you feel that you really want to learn something new, because you can learn it, if you have the will and discipline to study, the new world that you want to get into.

A few recommendations to achieve the new career path that you are wishing to be involve in, are the following:
1.- organize your agenda, it is really important that you set specific time for the study periods for new knowledge.
2.- hang out with people that are interested in your new career path, so that you can learn from them.
3.- look for books, undergraduate, certification programs and even online courses, which have validation nowadays.

We can be surprised by our brain capacity. “Scientists generally agree that no theory is 100 percent correct. Thus, the real test of knowledge is not truth, but utility.” Yuval Noah Harari.

Lately, i have been dealing with the new career path challenge. I’ve been discipline into following the previous 3 steps, they have been really helpful and i feel progress in my life & mind. I hope that this is helpful for you or maybe just a confirmation on what you have been thinking lately.

You may listen to this beautiful song, for inspiration:

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Thinking about quitting your job?

This is my experience.

Let me tell you something, if you do not feel with purpose at your current work anymore, please, quit that job. You will make yourself a favor, to the company & your coworkers. When we go to work with a miserable attitude, due to the frustration that it causes you, you will only be affecting others work, because you are not adding to your or their performance.

The disappointment of a job can be caused by several factors, such as increasing amount of duties without any pay rise, not your dream job, no self growth, etc.

I know that quitting a steady job is difficult because of what it offers you, such as the salary and benefits, but in my experience in a recent job, after discovering a few things about the company’s system i started to lose interest and passion for my duties at work. Believe me, i put effort into keeping my performance and attitude positive, because i was raised with the idea of “wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be a gift, be and do your best”, i tried this everyday, but noticed that started to constantly complain at work; this was not right, not for my life quality.

I started looking for better job opportunities, but not with as much discipline as i had to, because i was trying to fix my attitude at work (maybe i was the problem and not the system). Suddenly, a great job opportunity showed up, i did not looked for it, it just came to me. I took it, of course.

After i took the decision, i felt so relieved about the fact that i was not as mistaken as i thought i was, the universe confirmed for me that i was ready for something new, something amazing, a new experience. I felt as if the universe was rewarding me for something i kind of knew i was doing right, but this was just a magical gift from the universe to me. Thanks universe!

Sometimes we have to listen to our intuition, our gut, even more when our environment sets everything up for us to feel secure and peaceful about your decision.

There is science behind this, i was surprised & felt supported.
It is called decision making in psychology. I love it!

Smith, J. (2013, September 04). 14 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job. Retrieved from

Millennials: the active change.

“Dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change” Shonda Rhimes.

Lately I have run into videos, interviews, articles that point out how millennials are the ungrateful generation. They talk about how we think we deserve everything without any effort, such as dropping out of school, investing in travelling the world instead of saving for a house or a car. I asked myself, as a 25 year old, as a millennial generation enthusiast member: “seriously, that is how the world perceives me!? No wonder the 40 year olds underestimate me!” I thought it was my problem, but now I know it is how majority of the older generation looks at us. And it is not okay at all.

According to Brodie, C. (2017). 5 things we learned from one of the world’s biggest surveys of young people. World Economic Forum in , millennials are the least lucky generation after their parents, in terms of economy & environment, but also “will inherit a better world… with less poverty, increased access to health care and education and huge technological possibilities”. Millennials have “shaped the way they live and work, but also created a whole new set of beliefs, fears and aspirations” which directly affects how they get involved in global challenges & how they solve them. (1)

Honestly, millennials have it rough, but we are positive about it. We are the generation who cares & will make a change in the world, we concern more about other human beings and their needs (2), we care about the planet, but most important, millennials are ACTIVE change factors for the future of the world! I was so proud when I read it, finally official statistics that show how the majority of millennials are actually doing something, we are working hard to make a change. (1)

“Millennials do want to make the world a better place – 84% consider it their duty, according to a report from Deloitte.” (1)

Let’s change the millennial meaning, let’s shut down those interviews, videos that underestimate us. Maybe we are not acting how they are accustomed to see change, but we are doing it in our own way, the millennial way.

Personally, this charged me up with a more committed determination to pursue on what I believe, to change the world through our humanity. For example, if you believe that you are being ignored when important decisions are made in your community, you can get involved & active by gathering with friends & acquaintances that feel the same way about it, so that you organize a political party or political group that can make an impact in your community, which is the case of Wikipolitica in Mexico. They set Pedro Kumamoto as their candidate, who is now part of the Jalisco`s state congress and has made historical change when it comes to amendments in the state`s constitution.

I am still in the journey of going global; started by becoming economically independent from my mother without getting married, getting a job where I connect & learn from computer engineers while studying psychology, by sharing ideas and solutions to our readers in this blog. It is not much for now, but I am in the process of becoming the change factor.

Millennials must keep fulfilling goals for good causes, innovating, working hard along with discipline, inspiring others, caring for each other, not only by wishing for it.

I am sure there are plenty of examples out there! Please comment below your “inspirational millennial” human, I would love to learn about what they are doing.

You may want to read the facts in the following links:

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Humans to look up to & inspiration.

I had a life changing decision 5 months ago. I invested over 1 year planning the following 5 years of my young-adult life. Unexpectedly, all my plans collapsed, I had nothing to hold on to, nothing to look forward to, it was awful, but at the same time I felt peace & the certainty of a good, really good decision. I had my 1 month mourning by not being hungry & crying like a 5 year old helpless girl whenever felt the pain, at work, in the shower, at lunch… I felt lost & useless, I had no purpose now.

Later, to find a new path, new plan and purpose, I decided to go to therapy. I had gone before to one for the past 5 years, for comfort & identity issues, but this time it would be different. I needed a professional human that guided & help me organize my ideas, thoughts & goals, since I had not have the best examples of human & professional success around me. I could not do this alone. (Therapy tip: choose a therapist who you admire, investigate him or ask for referrals. Choosing your therapist is a huge deal.)

During the 1st session of therapy (with the best therapist I have ever had!), I agreed to google successful humans I admire & want to be like, with the purpose of studying their success factors to learn from them & applying their wisdom to my life goals, such as: major, career path, human qualities, impact of their work, etc. I have used this tool from then on; I have become a little obsessed with autobiographies & anecdotes of humans I admire. It has helped me to move forward & to load up with amazing inspiration. And I have been amazed with the results.

Even if you were not raised in the most supporting family, we have all this heroes around us, sharing their stories in series, books & documentaries. It has become a huge fountain of inspiration for me, it had led to keep me focus in my goals & to develop abilities that will transform myself in the human that I want to be. Find your own hero/heroin, I think it is just a matter of time for each of us to stop being distracted in our failures and wounds, so that we get into action. Action starts at looking for help & applying those tools in your life, in the everyday routine, day by day. Make post its, reminders, make yourself assist to therapy every week, or 1 every month at the least or whatever that works for you, I promise you, you will see the results!

Here I share some of my heroes/heroins at the moment:

Book: “Start something that matters” by Blake Mycoskie (TOMS founder), which was the 1st success story that i read & inspired me. Im looking forward to share the highlights of the book with you.

Book: “Not that kind of girl” by Lena Dunham (Creator of the “Girls” series), a perfect & awkward story, if you want to feel empowered.

Ellen Degeneres (comedian), can`t get enough of her! I will love to share with you my experience at her show taping!

Chelsea Handler & Sarah Silverman (both comedian & activist), we may talk about their work and impact on young women.

Sofia Niño de Rivera (stand-up comedian), currently working in a women prison documentary. It would be interesting to dedicate an article to her amazing job.


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