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Road to Rome Babes

Discovering Mexico : Ajijic

One of the things people love about Mexico are its colors. They are everywhere! People paint their houses in hot pink, orange, even yellows so bright that you have to squint your eyes to look at them.

Ajijic is 40 minutes away from Guadalajara, our home town.  Ajijic has become an American and Canadian retirement paradise and is best known for its huge lake, “Chapala.”

We started our week-end adventure at 4 am to go see the sunrise at the Laguna de Sayula, with our friend Salvador Parada who helped us film with his awesome drone… And I guess I should just let you guys see the video and the pictures to discover this beautiful place.

Till next time!

The Adventure Begins


This is just a teaser of the chapter where we explain how the blog was born. Our awesome friend Salvador Parada went on this trip with us and helped us filming.

We hope you enjoy! Don´t forge to leave us a message if you have any ideas of where we could go next!

Portrait of a Babe

On this particular day we went to visit a small farm in Paradise Valley, we wanted to see the fainting goats (we looooooove them). And ended up having a small photoshoot in their garden.

If you saw the video of us taking our clothes off at the yellowstone river you can notice that this all happened on the same day. After, when Livi was moody because we spent a long time chasing goats, she decided to throw a challenge to Magali and myself, to swim naked at the river… you can imagine the rest of the story for yourself.

Meanwhile here are some beautiful pictures of the three of us.

Till next time!

RTR Babes ♥

Into the Wild

For our first trip as Road to Rome Babes we went to the Old Wild West : Montana.

You´ll be seeing our adventures on our Youtube Channel, but we´ll also have a selection of our most beautiful pictures here on the blog, don´t forget that Magali is a wonderful photographer (you can check out her work in the Fashion section).